When I heard him sing a few notes, I thought he might really have something.

After listening to a few dozen, I knew he did. The way he handles the subtleties in delivery, crescendo and power shows that he feels music. I also think that he has spent a lot of time with music.

Also, whoever is helping him pick what to listen to and sing is doing fine. Sam Cooke is one of the best true singers of all time. There was no autotune when Sam was laying down these vocal tracks. Only those with talent, chops, and developed ability, and those without.

Camren's choice of song, "A Change is Gonna Come", one of the most important songs to the civil rights movement, is powerful, and sung beautifully.

He's starting to be noticed. Those gold records behind him may be foreshadowing.

This is how Justin Bieber started.

Could Camren Sherman be following this modern trend? Is there an agent somewhere who is licking his chops?

Should I end this post with a question?