I grew up in Loveland. Back when Loveland wasn't known as a sculpture mecca like it is today. When I was a kid, the only sculpture Loveland had was the  'Redman'. More of a statue than a sculpture, but you get the point.  Today, Redman is pretty much on his last legs and will  fade into Loveland history unless he can be restored.

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Redman came to Loveland, Colorado in 1979. It was created by  Hungarian born Peter Wolf Toth as part of his ''Trail of the Whispering Giants' series of statues/sculptures. Peter was only 25 when he created the first in the series, unnamed, in La Jolla, California; 'Redman' is #31 in the series. There is a 'Whispering Giant' in EVERY U.S. state and in a few other countries.

Natives of Loveland, such as myself, will remember 'Redman' guarding the south shore of Lake Loveland for 22 years.  The city moved the sculpture from that location in 1990- as it had started to become unstable and a safety concern.  That was a pretty sad day- by that time, Loveland HAD become known for all of the great sculptures across town, but 'Redman' kind of stood as 'the first'.


Today, 'Redman' is just about to see it's final days.  The Reporter-Herald has the story of how the current owner of 'Redman', Pat Block,  who keeps the statue on his ranch which sits east of town just of HWY 34.  When people pass by 'Redman' on their way up the canyon, they see the front side, which isn't in too bad of shape; but the back side of the 5-ton 'Redman' is on it's way to deterioration.

There was an effort in 2011 by the current owner to fix the statue, but it did not really get anywhere. Now, there is an organization created to restore 'Redman'- Novo Restoration who have also been involved with the restoration of Loveland's Feed and Grain,  is seeking to gather the funds to fix 'Redman'

From The Reporter-Herald:

Once the analysis is complete, the board can determine a budget and schedule to repair and restore the sculpture to its best condition.

The board is soliciting financial donations for both steps, as well as donations of labor and equipment for the second step.

"It's history. It's our little town's local landmark that makes us unique," said Kristine Rampone, board member, about the sculpture, which is listed among America's Top 100 Roadside Attractions in various publications.

The first thing they need is $4,000 for the assessment of 'Redman'.  Let's hope they can get 'Redman' fixed- Loveland needs it!

Novo Restoration is taking donation at -Novo Restoration, Box 7124, Loveland, CO 80537.

Get the full story and see pictures of the saddened shape of 'Redman' at Reporter-Herald,com