It's the table James Bond might have.

It's hi-tech meets breaking-bread.

This table is must have... if you have the cash!

Check it out!

The cool stuff that rich people get to enjoy.  I can see where a rich family would have the necessity for such a table: You're a family of four, but you entertain up to 20 people on occasion and can't have guests sitting around with TV trays.  What to do? Get one of these luxory tables! They automatically changing their dimensions!  Hit a button, and the motorized table transforms from small to large!

The Capstan table (I call it "The Pizza Table) is made by DB Fletcher, and is said to cost between $25,000 and $95,000.

Imagine the trouble that the kids could get into with this luxory table:

"Let's see what happens if we leave the dishes on the table then close it!"

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