The good news: CDOT is finally looking seriously at expanding I-25 in Northern Colorado.  The bad news: they want to use toll lanes to pay for it.

The Coloradoan reports CDOT is considering making the 3rd lane on I-25 into a toll lane between Highway 66 and Highway 7.

In response, communities along the corridor gathered together to form the Northern I-25 Coalition, which aims to give them a unified voice and garner support for other possible funding ideas that wouldn’t take away the free third lane running through Longmont, Erie and Frederick.

[via The Coloradoan.]

The video above has more info, but what do you think?  Are tolls the best way to pay for a much-needed expansion project?  Or do you think there's a better alternative that will keep all lanes of I-25 free to drive?  Let us know in the comments!