The Great Colorado Outdoors show is going to bring you everything you could possibly need to enjoy nature in our colorful state.

Camping, fishing, bicycling, hunting, and even a session on how to prepare yourself for an endurance event, like a 5k, or even a marathon!

Wendy Mader from T2Coaching, the 2008 Ironman Triatholon Champion for her age group, will be talking about how you can achieve whatever physical goals you want. Whether it is being stronger, having less pain, doing a 5k, or going all the way to do something like the Leadville 100 or an Ironman Triatholon, Wendy's talk is going to shed real light on how you can really do it!

Wendy has been my personal trainer in the past and she is amazing! I really love working with her, and was so happy to be able to interview her about what she'll share on Saturday.

Make sure to join us for her talk and all the other fun happening at the Great Colorado Outdoors Show on Saturday August 3, 2014.