There have been so many rumors and assumptions on the internet about iPhone 5 it can get confusing. So is there really an iPhone 5 on the way? Will it even be called an iPhone 5 or something else? Will it be gold or purple or yellow? Apple usually stays very quiet about upcoming releases, but there is another new report from CNN that points to a September release for the new iPhone 5, or whatever the new device might be called.

While Apple's suppliers will begin production in July this year, the finished product is likely to begin shipping in September, Reuters reports citing sources familiar with the matter.As for what the actual features of the next-gen iPhone, the details are scarce as always; one of Reuters' sources claims the device will look similar to the iPhone 4, but it will feature a faster processor.

To quickly piece together all the iPhone rumors and reports we've seen, this is what we have: the white version of the iPhone 4 should become available within 2-3 weeks; the iPhone 5 (if that's what Apple will call it) will be an evolutionary upgrade, visually similar to the iPhone 4 but with a better camera, processor and a bigger screen.

Take the new report for what it is, maybe we'll see a new device in September? Maybe it will be gold? I guess we all just have to wait and find out.

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