The Great Colorado Outdoor show is coming up this Saturday (Aug. 3) and there is going to be so much stuff going on that you shouldn't be bored. One of the main attractions is going to be brought in by Interstate Honda.

Interstate Honda is bring some toys that you can look at and talk about, or if you want you can try! By "toys" I am talking ATV's! Things that make the outdoors even more fun! There is going to be a track set up and as long as you are at least 16-years of age you can take one of these bad boys out for a ride.

I stopped by to see what they were going to be bringing and the one that I am riding in the video is one of the models that will be there. These guys really know their stuff too. If you are in the market for an atv, or maybe even a motorcycle, don't be afraid to ask them your questions.

So make sure you stop by the Great Colorado Outdoor show this Saturday and take one for a spin courtesy of Interstate Honda!