The cronut craze is reaching a cresecendo! It's spurned a black market! It's all about pastry! The words 'cronut' and 'craze' both start with the same letters! Alliteration times 2, hooray!

Here is what New Yorkers are doing for a #cronut, as seen on Instagram.

This is the Dominique Ansel Bakery that started the whole thing. Everyone on Earth desperately wants a cronut, and he's the only one making them. What an American dream!


These are cronuts. They are more valuable than some precious metals, though they don't yet have their own index on the NYSE.


What do we want? Cronuts! When do we want them? As soon as we get through this hellacious line!


I prefer this montage, that focuses on the cronut and its creator, not the line one must wait in to enjoy one.


People are even taking limousines to buy their cronuts. Gnarly, ugly, limousines with strange shapes on the outside of them and cronuts are the rage.


Even the homeless are taking advantage of the cronut craze.