I discovered something yesterday that you women are going to say DUH (?) to, because you discovered this long ago.

New clothes make the man. (or woman)

More importantly, it's amazing what a little wardrobe refreshing can do for one's mood.

I got a new shirt and sweater as gifts from a friend yesterday and it made my day, and today as well.

I'm sure the same holds true for kids as well.

Nothing like a new set of Nike's to improve one's mood. Or a Phineus and Herb t-shirt, perhaps some Transformer jammies.

Oh yeah, we're talking making a fashion statement here, and how it improves one's self esteem and perhaps love life.

Now me; I'm a little more old school and get a warm fuzzy feeling when wearing my Bugs Bunny or Roadrunner Fruit of The Looms. But that's just me.

But they do improve romantic encounters. :) OK, just speculating now.

Smile and enjoy the little things. They can make a day spectacular!