I stand tall in a sea of thankful Americans and honor those who have given all so that I can raise my children freely and live without chains.

Army Staff Sgt. Jordon L. Bear (25)-Denver

Army Chief Warrant Officer 3 Kenneth R. White(35)-Fort Collins

Air Force Captain Ryan P. Hall (30)- Colorado Springs

Army Sgt. Nathan R. Beyers (24)- Littleton

Army Pfc. Christopher A. Horns(20)- Colo. Springs

Army Chief Warrant Officer 4 David R. Carter (47)- Centennial

Army Sgt. Omar A. Jones (28)-Crook

Marine Lance Cpl. Christopher S. Meis(20)- Bennett

Marine Sgt. Jason T. Smith (28)- Colorado Springs

Army Spc. Joshua R. Campbell (22)- Bennett

Army Sgt. isaac palomarez (26)-Loveland

Army Sgt. Mark A. Cofield (25)- Colorado Springs

Army Cpl. Bradnon M. Kirton (25)- Centennial

army sgt. faith r. hinkley (23)-           Colo. springs

Army Spc. Justin E. Culbreth (26)- Colorado Springs

Marine Cpl. max W. Donahue (23)- highlands ranch

Marine Lance Cpl. Brandon W. Pearson (21)- Arvada

Hull Maintenance Technician 2nd Class Justin McNeley (30)- Wheatridge

army sgt. grant a. whichmann (27)- golden

Army Sgt. James D. Pirtle (21)- Colorado Springs

Marine Sgt. Glen E. Martinez (31)-  Boulder

Army Spc. Ronald J. Tucker (21)- Fountain

Army Maj. andrew j. Olmsted(37)-         colo. springs

Naval Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Charles Luke Milam (26)- Littleton

Army Cpl. Duncan Charles Crookston (19)- Denver

Marine 1st Lt. Mathew R. Vandegrift (28)- Littleton

army cpl. benjamin k. brosh(22)- colo.springs


There are many more that have died for our rights over the years and I honor each and every one. When I take normal daily activities for granted, I will remember you, for without you there would be no normal daily activities. Forgive me for the times I forget, the pain of losing you for me is sometimes too hard to bare. Because of me, you have left behind fathers, mothers, brothers and wives and husbands… you have been torn away from your children, who will now never know you… all for me! I thank you for being able to complain about long lines at the grocery store… I thank you for ability to take my sick children to the doctor… I thank you for my right to sit in an air conditioned restaurant and order a steak-just the way I want it… I remember you today for all the little things that make up my life… some forget or ignore that it is because of you that these things are possible, I pray I am never one of them. I hope that I and my children and their children will always honor you and remember your families and the sacrifices made for us.

My youngest son has aspirations to become one of you when he graduates high school in 2014; I could not be more proud or honored of this boy I call my son.

On this Memorial Day and everyday in between please accept my thanks to you and your families for giving me and mine so much.