I've never bought any sports paraphernalia in my life. So, when the call went out yesterday in our all stations email, I started to feel guilty. I had no Bronco's orange and it really doesn't fit my color palette. Oh what to do?

I certainly wasn't going out and buy a Bronco's jersey for one day of wearing. Again, orange isn't my color.

But when I came in this morning and all of my co horts here at the station were decked out in orange, I started to feel a certain orange envy and guilt.

That's when I realized, I did indeed have some orange on me.

My lenses cleaner for my readers. Oh sure, it doesn't have some fancy name on it it or a flashy number 15 Tebow number, or drape down to my ankles like the fancy schmancy jerseys, but it's orange and isn't that what was called for in the all company memo?

So here I am this Friday before another Bronco playoff weekend, proudly displaying my ORANGE lens cleaner.

Oh by the way I do have a few orange 'cuties' here too.

All in all, I think I've got this covered!