Earlier this week we told you about the FrackNation documentary showing at Loveland's Rialto Theater put on by the Loveland Energy Action Project (LEAP). Last night a few hundred people came out to view the film that aimed to prove why fracking is safe and how many of the previously publicized claims and media stories were in fact bogus.

Back in 2010 a documentary called 'GasLand' was released which in many ways served as a catalyst to spark the debate about fracking. 'FrackNation' is a response to that documentary and is very effective at showing there are some parts of 'Gasland' that are very fishy and unsound. With that being said, the issue of fracking is an emotional one and people on both sides of the issue are playing to that fact.

While the documentaries and movies being produced on either side of the issue are certainly interesting, I personally found that they made me want to search for the hard facts myself instead of letting someone else influence my opinions. It's important that everyone search out the truth for themselves. Leave emotion and fear at the door to become as educated as possible before making a decision one way or the other.

Here's a look at some photos from the Rialto Theater last night...