When I think of Boulder, Colorado, I think about people smoking pot all day and walking around hugging everything they can find including trees. 

Well, today I found out that is not the case. So if you are planning a trip to see our neighbors to the southwest, don't plan on just walking around and hugging everyone... That can get you in trouble!

Boulder Police are currently looking for what they are calling an "unwanted hugger."

A dude who was walking through an alley in the middle of the night one day this week tried to hug two college-aged chicks. They mentioned that he felt their pockets as he hugged one of them, but he didn't attempt to take anything, and they weren't touched in a sexual way.

Hmmmm... It's the middle of the night in Boulder, this guy couldn't be drunk or high just walking around giving hugs could he? Here is a good idea, if you don't want to be hugged by strangers, don't walk down alleys in Boulder in the middle of the night!!