A picture is worth a thousand words.

Is a picture that has specific focus points, blurs, and filters worth a million? Well, it can at least be worth a bunch of likes and comments on your Facebook page.

For fans of photography, simply using Instagram to keep a steady flow of interesting things on your Facebook page is very easy.

Here's how you do it.

  • Join Instagram
  • Link Instagram to Facebook
  • When you are traveling, engaging in a cool or new activity, or when something ordinary strikes you as visually interesting, shoot it.
  •  Instagram it. Allow the photo to help you choose fx, focus points, light options, etc.
  • Click 'Share on Facebook'

    The thing about Facebook is that it is so visual. Captioning, putting locations, describing everything can detract from the idea of the picture conveying the thousand words. That means less work for you. Just shoot a great photo that captures a feeling, and then use programs like Instagram, Camera+ and Aviary to clean it up and make something that people fall in love with as soon as they see it. They'll want to visit your page because they like what you post. If you have a subscription list or other type of business that values attention, this is a great way to say 'Look at all the cool stuff I offer'.

    Here are a bunch of photos that I shared from Instagram that got tons of likes and comments.

    See it. Shoot it. Share it.

    I picked my dog up from day care one day and saw this reflection. Cool stuff! People went nuts for this photo, and I did it while waiting for take out food.

    Big air never fails.

    Or rarely fails. Think he lands it?

    Same skate park. Totally different feeling.

    That red wall just below my skate wheel is the one my man was launching from.

    Let nature do the work.

    Can't deny the beauty of that sky.

    It all starts with a good photographic eye.

    I see this reflection in this window almost every morning. Some days, it just screams to be Instagrammed.