Finally, you'll never have to deal with half-thawed meat ever again!

We've all been there:

Wife: "What should we do for dinner tonight?"

Husband: "Why don't we use that ground beef in the freezer to make tacos?"

Wife: "Okay, but that huge chunk of meat is going to take forever to defrost."

Husband: *frowny face*

Wife: "Well, we should have talked about this before we were already starving."

Husband: *whimper*

Wife: *stare down*

Husband: "...Let's just order Chinese."

Wife: "You're buyin'."

Husband: "Yeah...I know."

The point is, there's a way to store that frozen meat that will make it defrost quicker; and then you can just have those tacos, and stop overdrawing your bank account out of sheer unreasonable hunger! :)