You've probably heard of a ton of crazy ways to get rid of hiccups.  I think the funniest one I've seen involves drinking water whist hanging upside down.  Well, for those of us that prefer not to be accidentally waterboarded, here's a much easier way that actually works... least, it's worked for me literally every time!

  1. Make sure you are standing or sitting up straight.  Try not to slouch.
  2. Exhale completely.
  3. Take a slow, controlled breath in. (If you hiccup whilst breathing in, start over.)
  4. Take in as much air as your lungs will hold
  5. Keep still, and hold the air in for as long as you can, comfortably.  (If you hiccup whilst holding your breath, start over.)
  6. Slowly exhale completely.
  7. IMPORTANT: After exhaling, do not sharply gasp for air.  This makes your diaphragm spasm, which is what was causing your hiccups in the first place!
  8. Take a few slow and controlled breaths.  If you've done everything correctly, you're hiccups should be gone!

Again, this works for me every time.  My wife has less luck; but I maintain that's because sometimes she doesn't hold her breath for long enough.

Try it for yourself, then tell me in the comments if it works for you!