Face it: kids love candy.  It's just one of those fundamental facts of life.  You can force them to eat their veggies all you want, but their hearts will always belong to sugar.  That's certainly how it was with me.  I didn't actually start liking vegetables until I was in my early twenties!  But my childhood love for all things sweet aside, I stopped trick-or-treating at around age 12.  What surprised me, though, was that many of my friends didn't!

I used to love trick-or-treating.  I just absolutely loved it.  I'd spend way too much time making sure my costume was perfect, then I'd set out with my friends, my favorite pillowcase, and one clear goal: fill 'er up!

The end of the night was like a candy-filled Christmas.  We'd all sit in a circle and empty our bags onto the floor, furiously sifting through our piles to take stock of our take for the evening.  Usually, I could make my bounty of treats last the whole year!  Those were good times, but I knew they had to come to an end eventually.  So, in seventh grade, I trick-or-treated for the last time.

By the time I got to high school, I had found other things to fill the void left from no more candy-trolling.  I'd watch scary movies with friends, or get invited to Halloween parties; and I was perfectly happy with that.  Then, at one such party, I overheard a bunch of the guests say they were going trick-or-treating!

I was about 16 at that point, and it kinda blew my mind that people my age still did that.  I had absolutely no desire to join them; actually, I was mildly offended by the whole idea.  I felt like it was inappropriate, and downright rude to all the younger neighborhood kids.

I feel like I stopped trick-or-treating at the right age, if not a little late (I did get a couple "aren't you a little old for this" comments that last year).  I really don't feel like teenagers should be trick-or-treating...

...but what do YOU think?