Drunk drivers were on my mind today after reading about a man who drove drunk to pick up his buddy that was arrested for DUI. It got me wondering, how many drunk driving fatalities happen on the roads here in Larimer County?

I think Weld County might be getting the finger of shame for how many fatalities they had, read on to see just how many there were in each county.

According to Larimer.org, Larimer County had 22 alcohol-related traffic fatalities in 2011. That is the 7th highest in the state.  That is not too outrageous though, in fact, it’s actually good. Considering Larimer County has the 6th largest population.

However, Weld County has the 9th largest population of counties in Colorado, but they boast the second highest number of alcohol related fatalities at 34. Only El Paso County had more with 40. El Paso also has a population of over 660,000, compared to Weld’s 252,000.

Don’t drink and drive!

The counties with the most alcohol related traffic fatalities in 2011, according to Larimer.org:

  1. El Paso 40
  2. Weld 34
  3. Denver 31
  4. Jefferson 30
  5. Arapahoe 26
  6. Adams 25
  7. Larimer 22

Picture by hyku, Flickr.