Last week was the annual 'No Bra Day', a celebration that is gaining momentum everytime the radio clowns around here talk about it. Our more portly guys talk about their moobs. Blech.

Susan Moore posts photos of herself in more buzzed states with the underwear as the outerwear.

As it's a sort of celebration of the things that go in the bra, I thought this article from the Huffington Post might strike a chord with some.

If you grew up with big, or even huge, boobs, you are going to be picking up what this writer is putting down.

Here are just a couple of the top 10 boob problems.

Top 10 Big Boob Problems:

    • Under-boob sweat
    • Your bras being mistaken for ass-holders and/or hats
    • Budgeting to afford a bra that actually fits
      • Finding the right specialty bra shop with a correctly-trained fitter you actually trust, or at the very least, just finding a store that actually carries your size

While October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I think it's safe to say that any cancer free breast, big or small, is a blessing, it was kind of fun to read this article that poked fun at the lives of the more amply endowed females. :)

Source - Huffington Post