While Valentine's Day is definitely a time for love, it can be a time for loneliness and stress as well.  Here's my take on this "lovely" holiday...

Overall, I feel like Valentine's Day is a good holiday, regardless of whether your single, married, or somewhere in-between.  It's a chance to remind the people in your life that you love them; but it doesn't have to be only romantic love.  Valentine's Day can be just as much about family as any other holiday.  So, if you don't happen to have a spouse or significant other, send a Valentine's Day card to your mom, why don't ya?

I'll agree that Valentine's Day feels over-commercialized, but what holiday doesn't these days?  It doesn't mean you should boycott the occasion entirely, as I've seen many people do.

I'll also admit that it can be hard for me to focus on Valentine's Day sometimes.  We're barely past the "holiday season;" and then my birthday, wedding anniversary, and Saint Patrick's Day are all in March.  So making plans for another holiday in the middle of all that can be frustrating sometimes.

Frustrating, but still completely worth doing.

I don't think I'm alone in saying it's easy to get caught up in the normal stresses of day-to-day life.  For me, work alone is enough to completely cut me off from people around me sometimes.  And that's why I'm glad for occasions like Valentine's Day.  It offers a chance for me to step out of the daily grind, and really let my wife know how much I love her.  To me, that's worth dealing with a little commercialism.

So that's where I stand.  Pro-Valentine's Day all the way!

How about you?  Let me know your thoughts about V-Day in the comments below!