With Thanksgiving on the way and Christmas around the corner lots of people will be dusting off their old holiday recipes. If you need some help in the kitchen, or want to find a something new and exciting to have for your holiday meal companies are lining up to give you a hand.

Butterball, Nestle, Foster Farms, Crisco, and more have set up free customer help lines for holiday cooking. Most have 800 numbers, websites, Facebook pages, or email addresses for you to submit your cooking questions or browse ideas for new recipes.

Turkey, pies, baking, desserts, vegetables, side dishes and more. You name it, you can find help and find a recipe for it. Here are a few places you can find kitchen advice:

Oven-roasted, deep fried, grilled, smoked, rotisserie, crock potted…you have a plethora of cooking options and different ways to do each one of those. Get a few basic ideas about these options here.

Good luck, and happy eating!