The horse slaughter issue is heartbreaking at best.  My horses are my babies, not to be eaten. But until one has gone to a slaughter sale, held every week in Ft. Collins, and seen the number of horses no one wants anymore, can we deny that slaughter-HUMANE slaughter- is necessary.
That's my opinion after buying horses from that sale over the past 10 years.  They go cheap, when sold by the pound.  I've paid as little as $125 for an AHA registered horse,  trained and beautiful. At that same sale  there were 60 other horses sold for slaughter. Former bucking horses with no more buck.

Back in '07 animal lovers united to shut down all horse slaughter facilities in the U.S.  That sounds good in theory, but now 'killer buyers' have to take horses out of the country to Mexico or Canada.  That's a long haul for the horses with no food or water til they get to their destination.

Slaughter plants in the US had been regulated by our government. Now, we have no control over the humaneness of the horses deaths.  We hear horror stories of killing them with machetes for a slow miserable end.

I don't believe eating horse meat will be accepted here as it is in Europe. But
I do believe we have to think of the thousands of unwanted horses we are responsible for.