Why would anyone steal a horse mane?  For a profit, of course.

Susan Moore, TSM

Horsehair can be a very valuable commodity and is used to make belts, paintbrushes and the bows of musical instruments. Over the weekend my BFF Alicia's horse had it's mane cut off.  That just creeped me out.  I imagined someone walking up to her horse, Maggie, on private property not 50 feet from Alicia's house.   It happened between late Friday and early Saturday.

I'd heard reports of this in other counties and states. Wyoming officials are investigating dozens of cases of horsehair thefts. Cutting the hair doesn't hurt the horse, but the thieves are violating residents' rights. In order to steal the hair, people are having to trespass on others' property.  It takes years to regrow the hair.

Alicia's neighbor 2 miles away said this has also happened to ANOTHER neighbor on the SE corner of 35 and 70. Someone came into their corral and cut the mane and tail off their horses. There are two houses very close to the corral on the property and they have two dogs.

Deputy Gary Schwartz with the Weld County Sheriff went to Alicia's barn and took a report yesterday.


See Maggie's mane before:

I'll have more on this story as it develops. Have you heard of horse hair theft in our area?