As of Sunday night the High Park Fire was still growing. Many people were affected and there are also a lot closed roads.

  1. Highway 287 from the Bypass at CR54G to Owl Canyon Road
  2. Highway 14 from Ted's Place to Stove Prairie Road
  3. Highway 14 east of CR69
  4. CR23 & Lodge Pole/Lory State Park
  5. CR25E & CR54E
  6. CR27 (Stove Prairie Road) south from Highway 14
  7. CR27 (Stove Prairie Road) one mile south of CR44H (Buckhorn Road)
  8. CR27 & CR38E
  9. CR27 north of CR44H

10.  CR38E and CR25E

11.  CR44H (Buckhorn Road) west of CR27

12.  CR52E (Rist Canyon Road) west of CR27E

13.  CR52E (Rist Canyon Road) CR25E Bellvue

14.  CR69 & Highway 14