It's a nightly tradition at our house. My husband Bob and I settle in for Jeopardy which airs at 6 on Fox 31 Denver. During the show, Bob will text his bestie, Brian, and they'll comment on the mostly nerdy contestants, giving them nicknames like 'Dryer Head', 'Squinter', 'Winker' and my least favorite...'Obnoxious Clicker'.

We collectively do well. Bob is a physician and knows Latin and is an avid reader. Brian and I know music and so much useless trivia because we work in radio. As Alex would say, 'Good for you.'

Here are just a few of the 7650 questions that have been asked about Colorado on Jeopardy, you'll rock this and can check out the answers below.  Have fun!

  1. It is the most Instagrammed Place in Colorado. 
  2. One of these "fishy" winds in the Rockies once hit 134 miles per hour near Boulder, Colorado. 
  3. It makes sense that this Colorado city is found where the Gunnison & Colorado Rivers meet. 
  4. Of the 4 states that meet at Four Corners National Monument, this state is last alphabetically.
  5. What an adrenaline rush! I zip lined 1,200 feet above the Arkansas River, across this regal Colorado canyon. 
  6. Serving a 14-year sentence in Colorado, not Illinois, he's Prisoner Number 40892-424. 
  7. We're not puttin' you on: this luxury chain has hotels in McLean, Virginia & Bachelor Gulch, Colorado. 
  8. At Breckenridge, Colorado, a high-speed one of these starts at 11,900 feet up & ascends almost 1,000 feet more. 
  9. This Dodge mid-size SUV is named for a city in Southwest Colorado. 
  10. He flew to earth in an egg; she lived in Colorado; boom. Hit '70s sitcom. 



  1. (what is Red Rocks Amphitheatre)
  2. (what is Chinook)
  3. (what is Grand Junction)
  4. (what is Utah)
  5. (what is the Royal Gorge)
  6. (who is Rod Blagojevich)
  7. (what is the Ritz)
  8. (what is a ski lift)
  9. (what is Durango)
  10. (who are Mork and Mindy)