The floods have been hard on everybody, including the pets.

In fact, the pets may even have it worse. Case in point, all of the pets, mainly cats left behind after their owners were evacuated.They need your help.

Fort Collins Cat Rescue posted this message on facebook reaching out for help :

URGENT: Yesterday we found out about a situation in Evans, CO where kitties are in desperate need of help. Two trailer parks in Evans, CO were destroyed in the flood, and many cats (both owned and feral) were left behind after evacuation efforts. Some are trapped in trailers while others are roaming loose or are stuck on small islands of land in between flood waters. There are rescue groups helping the people and the dogs - but until now the cats were being completely overlooked. Our friends at Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals (NCFF) went out yesterday and rescued 14 cats from this situation and brought them to our shelter. NCFF is going out to Evans again today to rescue more. Prior to this our shelter was already almost at capacity, so we need foster homes to help with this situation ASAP. 
There are both adult cats and litters of kittens that need a temporary home. We anticipate a two to four week period in which they will need to be in foster.
If you can help by fostering please contact our shelter manager Mary Wolf: 970-484-8516 or
Another way to free up space for these kitties that need rescue is to get some of the adoptable kitties in our shelter into loving, permanent homes.
Please share our message so that we can help these forgotten felines. We will keep you updated. Thank you!

Please share this around so we can get help for these little guys!