Few things are as annoying as feeling the bolts in your car (and your head) shake loose as you drive over a decaying railroad crossing.  Well some of those crossings in Loveland are getting fixed...for real this time.

Loveland residents heard good news from city engineers nearly a year ago that the wickedly bad rail crossing on 10th Street between Garfield and Cleveland avenues, and three other problems on Lincoln, Cleveland and Garfield avenues, were scheduled to be rebuilt in the fall.

But, as you already know if you live in Loveland, none of those repairs happened last year.

Apparently, the railroad engineers in charge of laying new track had to rearrange their schedules, and Loveland got the short end of the stick.  But now, according to the Reporter-Herald, contracts are signed, and work on the crossings will happen this May.

Expect road closures and detours while the construction is taking place.  Try not to stress out about that too much, though; just think of how nice it's going to be driving over those tracks without hitting your head on the roof of your car!