Denkai Animal Sanctuary Press Release

The Weld County Animal Response Team has coordinated to receive donated loads of grass hay for large animal needs. Residents of Weld County who have been displaced by flood waters are asked to come to the Weld County Training Center located at the South West corner of 11th Avenue and H Street in Greeley to obtain hay bales.

The supply is limited and will be distributed on a “first come, first served” basis. All flood victims are asked to provide valid identification proving they are from one of the areas impacted by flood waters and to only take the amount of hay that they need.  Pick-up hours are 8am- 5pm.

The following information is from my dear and trusted friend, Floss at Denkai Animal Sanctuary

Hello Susan,

I wanted to pass some resources on to you in case you are running into people that might need help with their livestock:

On Denkai's End:

I have secured the backing of Best Friends Animal Society, people can gain funding from them for hay by contacting Jen Reid at:
Jen Reid, Horse Haven manager
Best Friends Animal Society®
435-644-2001 x4869 |

The ASPCA has asked me to apply for emergency funding of $10,000 for hay for displaced livestock and owners, so am working on that as well and will have that available.

Alan Oster in Lasalle has hay: 970-284-6626

Heber: 9703816350 Not sure he still has hay but worth a call

Joel 281-381-0707 (He's a hay broker) but typically for a situation like this prices are good.

Amber Herrell May have resources for hay as well, she knows a bunch of folks

Colorado hay Bank:  

If you or anyone you know needs hay due to the flooding, visit the site at 9265 County Road 24, Fort Lupton, Colo. 80621.

 Diane Hitchcock has hay to give: This is located near Lasalle, CO 970-946-0891

Doug Conarroe, North 40 News

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