So I was on the phone with my son, Zachariah...


Zachariah had just asked me how my day was, I began by telling him the good stuff then slid into the crappy parts and I was just talking and talking and talking when there is a beep in my ear. I think someone is calling me, so I do the pull the phone from my ear thing and look to see who is calling, it's Zachariah. Hey, aren't I talking to him? I answer it and he says sorry mommy my phone dropped. I told him that I didn't know when it dropped or what part of my daily story he had heard or didn't so in short I said, in a nut shell, "my day was good". I was so embarrassed, really, how long was I talking and didn't realize the call had dropped. Thank goodness it was my son, anyone else I guess I could have pretended I knew the call had dropped.

Have you ever been telling a story only to realize the call dropped? Does it embarrass you? Do you notice right away? Do you pretend that you knew it happened? My inquiring mind wants to know if I am alone or if you have done the same thing.