We live in Northern Colorado:  Ft Collins, Loveland, Greeley et al. One of the reasons it’s great up here is because it’s AWAY from the madness of the capital. However, now and again, we like to VISIT Denver: see a baseball game, have a nice dinner, do some shopping. Since we live within driving distance, more often than not, we drive our cars. I can attest that driving your car in Denver can be nuts- and that’s just the interstate(s) and major highways!  Then, once you get to the heart of downtown Denver, it gets absolutely maddening!  Why?

Doug Perisnger, Getty Images

Come to find out, the city of Denver is making it HARDER to get around and find parking (which is like an episode of ‘Amazing Race’ in itself)- on  purpose!!  Denver City Council President Mary Beth Susman openly admitted it in the Denver Post on Sunday (Aug 3, 2014).

She talked on how, because of the city’s planning policies and visions, you WILL find it pretty awful to drive in Denver- so that you’d rather take mass transit.

According to her own admission, Denver has reduced the parking requirements for businesses and, in most areas, stopped widening roads.  All in the effort to create what they imagine as a “Better Denver”. Sure, they ARE adding bike lanes and adding light rail. Light rail is great- I get it. Kinda.  Hardly anybody coming to visit Denver is going to know how to get around on the RTD Light Rail. Biking?  It’s DENVER, not L.A.

And most of these adjustments are to get Denver residents to take the light rail, the busses, taxis, ride bikes, etc.; but what if you’re just coming up for day to hang out as a local tourist?  Well, you just better prepare yourself for a longer day than anticipated. Or, try to actually get familiar with the Denver Mass Transit.

So, if you’re headed to the Mile High City anytime soon, be ready for a huge headache!