This Summer, my girlfriend Robyn spent three weeks in London, doing little more than seeing plays (I know, I'm jealous too).  One play she couldn't wait to see was The Woman in Black, a play based on a classic ghost story written by Susan Hill.  Robyn returned saying it was one of the scariest (and best) plays she's ever seen.

Well, soon the rest of us won't have to cross an ocean to get an idea of what she was talking about.  There's a movie version of The Woman in Black coming; and it stars Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe!

Radcliffe plays a young lawyer who travels to a remote town to settle the affairs of a recently deceased client; but he runs into the ghost of a woman bent on vengeance.  The film is set for an early 2012 release.

Both the UK and the US teaser trailers give me chills!  Watch them below and then feel free to comment!