Fort Collins may be the Napa Valley of beer, but there isn't much choice when it comes to other types of ale.  Cider is one such libation that has very little local presence in our fair city.  But at around this time next year, that's all going to change.

The Coloradoan reports that Jennifer Seiwald, the owner of Summit Hard Cider and Perry Company, is building a cider shop on North College Avenue, next to Cranknstein. The shop will also offer candy and baked goods, in addition to adult cidery goodness.

Seiwald learned how to make cider at the Northwest Agriculture Business Center in Mount Vernon, Wash. and Cider and Perry Academy in the United Kingdom. In both schools Seiwald studied under Peter Mitchell, a highly regarded internationally recognized authority in the production of cider and perry, according to CPA.

I'm pretty excited about this, and I know my fiance will be when she find out.  She actually spent a summer in London (where hard cider is much more popular), and fell even more in love with the fermented apple beverage than she already was!

And personally, I think this is a great idea too.  Hard cider only accounts for about 1% of the market here in the US; and there's really no good reason for that, in my opinion.  Plus, what better place to start a cider trend than Fort Collins, right?

Are you excited to see hard cider popping up here in beer territory?  Let me know in the comments section below!