S.O.B. Month celebrates all women over 50. We are the Spunky Old Broads who
live each day to its fullest. We find humor and joy in our lives and are happy to
share that with anyone near us. We have found our purpose. What is the key?
Well OTHER S.O.B.s, of course.


My sister Sheryl is in her 70's and still works part time at the bank she tried to retire
from.They call her to come in often when then need a filler and she's so happy to oblige. Sheryl's engaging personality and skills make her irreplaceable.

Susan Moore - Sheryl


My sister Nancy is in her 60's and living her dream of caring for her twin grandsons while their parents work. She's been their angel since they were born in September of 2016. She's always loved babies beginning with her little sister, me.

Susan Moore - -Nancy

My bestie Kitty set a goal in her fifties of running a half marathon in every state in the
U.S. She's half way having just run her 25th race in North Carolina last month. We get together for lunch or a horseback ride as often as we can. She's my sister from another mother.

SO...we are spunky old broads who inspire, mentor, love without measure, and some of us even let our hair grow out silver.  Friend an S.O.B. today...