To visit with these featured pets or any other adoptable animal, stop by Larimer Humane Society at 6317 Kyle Avenue in Ft. Collins.  The shelter is open from 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. For more info, call (970) 226-3647 or visit

Tyson (A381262)

Ahoy, Matey!  With a patch over one eye, Tyson will steal your heart and leave you wondering how you ever lived without such a tender, affectionate pooch. A two-year-old neutered male Pitbull mix, Tyson has been classified as an orange “Go-Getter” in the Meet Your Match program, which means his enthusiasm for life is only matched by his love for people.  More a fan of human laps than the kennel, Tyson is a swashbuckling sweetie who will brighten every day of your life.  Bring home Tyson for $100 today.


Aloe (A379967)

Looking for a natural remedy to your burning desire for a feline friend? If so, meet the lovely Aloe, a four-year-old spayed female Domestic Shorthair cat who can’t wait to make your acquaintance. Aloe is classified as a purple “Secret Admirer” in our Meet Your Match program, which means she takes an understated approach to getting to know you until she’s comfortable. Once she settles in, Aloe will happily shower you with affection and love. Give Aloe the soothing second chance she so deserves by adopting her for $25.


Gumby (A377802)

Stretch your compassion and introduce yourself to Gumby, a delightful Monitor lizard with a low-maintenance, even-keeled personality. At two years old, Gumby is unlike other Monitor lizards due to a metabolic bone disease that left him a little less than full-grown. His smaller stature hasn’t kept him from an enriching life, and all he requires is a roomy enclosure, a UV light and heat source, and plenty of yummy crickets. If you’re flexible and open to a special kind of companion, consider adopting Gumby today. He can be yours for $35.