I love the Earth. That statement may sound trite. However, I am in awe of the fact that we are even here. It blows me away, because for life on Earth to exist as it does, almost every little element of our universe has to be in a perfect place. If our existence were typical or ordinary, then there would be other 'Earth's' with other life forms to compare us to. There isn't. No matter how far we look, we can't even find water, much less life. It's amazing.

That amazement is what inspired me to create the Green Radventures series. We create kids books, kids book apps, ebooks, songs and live performances. The overall goal of the project is to foster love and respect for the Earth. We do so by putting our fun, colorful characters into exciting and educational stories that teach lessons of sustainability, and I am so thankful that for this Earth Day, USAToday and USAToday.com has taken notice. They will be featuring us as an app that is great for kids for Earth Day!

Green Radventures Book 1

Nico Goes to the Mountains is our first book app. It teaches simple lessons of reducing, reusing and recycling as our hero, Nico and his babysitter, Hannah take a trip to the landfill to learn about what belongs there and what doesn't. The kooky Green Minstrel soon joins them, and as he does in every book, adds an historical perspective and plays a song.  Don't Throw It Out is in the style of Elvis and Johnny Cash that further demonstrates how easy it is to do the right thing with our trash.

About the App

Story Features

  • $.99 iPhone, $1.99 iPad
  • Good for kids 3 and up
  • 27 page story
  • Teaches the importance of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling
  • Contains Original Song “Don’t Throw it Out”
  • Narrator, Character Voice and Line Highlighting
  • Historic reference brings timeless perspective
A page from 'Nico Goes to the Mountains'