A popular sculpture in the 9th Street Plaza in Downtown Greeley of a fork with noodles on it has been vandalized. The noodle parts of the sculpture were taken sometime between Greeley's FridayFest and a downtown event on Saturday.

Alison Hamling, director of downtown experience for Greeley’s Downtown Development Authority said, “I’m guessing late night alcohol was a factor. Perhaps the bandit had the munchies? It’s humorous in a way, but it is a serious crime.”

Downtown Greeley also posted the following somewhat humorous message to their facebook page about the incident:

We don't expect drunken sots at 2am to be able to READ the signs all over the plaza that explain you are under video surveillance, but you are. So we are sure you thought you were very cool defacing a piece of public art, but it will also be very bad for your record when we turn the video over to police. So how about you return those "noodles" by end of day Monday and just pay for damages instead?

According to the Greeley Tribune: The sculpture, called "Say Cheese," is on loan, which means artist Justin Deister still owns it. Greeley's public art coordinator Kim Snyder says the sculpture is valued at $8,000, and the city must pay for damage done to it while on loan.  There is surveillance video to aid police.