With all this talk about Fort Collins lifting water restrictions this year, it's easy to forget that the rest of northern Colorado still needs to conserve water.  Greeley is taking a modern approach, with a new online water tracking program for its residents.

The WaterSmart program will allow 2,600 Greeley residents to personalize their water use online based on things like family size and the age of their toilets and sinks, according to a news release. It’s a new tool to complement the water budget, which city officials rolled out to all residential water customers this year, said Ruth Quade, a Greeley water conservation coordinator.

In the past, it's been shown that only about 18% of Greeley residents use far more water than necessary, but this program should still help people keep track of their water consumption.

Sometimes, it helps to have numbers in black and white, right in front of you, to keep you conscious of things like that.  It sure made a difference for me when I started logging my food consumption to lose weight.  It's kind of the same basic principle as this WaterSmart program!

Do you live in Greeley and use this new program?  What do you think of it?