The City of Greeley could cancel Mayoral and City Council elections. Why ? Lack of interest.

It seems no one is interested, at this point on challenging the incumbents.

9 News is reporting:

Roughly one month remains for potential candidates to declare interest. Holder says the lack of interest seems especially unusual given a February council opening that drew 16 candidates.

Steve Mazurana is a retired political science professor from the University of Northern Colorado. He has been following Greeley politics for years.

"This would be the first election in Greeley history in which there are no challengers to the incumbents," Mazurana said. "I think the perception is, Greeley city management is running pretty well, and in that case, people who are against something, or have a concern with something, are probably going to wait until 2 years from now."

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Are people apathetic or just satisfied with the status quo?