Not all broadcasters are newscasters, and there is a specific reason why I am not a newscaster. I don't like the news. I don't follow the 'news' at all because the vast majority of it is negative. There are amazing things happening all around us and our news culture focuses on finding the worst things and events they can find and then they put a microscope on it.

Don't get me wrong, I love the 102 second news updates that we deliver numerous times each morning. However, Susan seems to be with me as I try to only cover really bad stories when they directly affect our listeners. When the weather event hits, it is part of what we love about our jobs to keep you informed and be the best source of info for local events, good and bad.

I dream of an outlet with only good news, and when I saw this commercial, it looked just like my 'good news' channel. I love it.