Google Glass has been released to the Google Glass Explorers. These are people who applied to receive a test version and paid some $1,500 to get one.

How did I miss this? I would have applied, and if chosen, would have loved to figure out some way to pay for it.

From what I can tell, it is like Apple's Siri, but completely hands free. Also, unlike Siri, it can take commands that do things like take pictures and shoot videos. When I tell Siri to 'Shoot a video', she searches the web for the phrase.

It's another giant step, almost an evolution of humankind, that changes the way we have to think. Memorization of any facts becomes unnecessary, because we can just ask Google for any directions, stats, or information we need.

The positive side of this is that it would free our brains to concentrate on more important topics, like how to live in harmony with one another, how to make the right decisions, and other such advancing forms of thought.

The negative side could be that our brains become weak from lack of use. I do wonder what effect that having such a powerful transmitter over the long term will have on our brains. I don't wear a bluetooth unit on my head because I don't want a transmitter and receiver up there, so I'm not sure that I would wear Google Glass either.

With all technologies, I believe that whether or not they are good comes down to a matter of how they are used.

What do you think?