America on Tap is one day away, and we want you to be ready with what you can expect before and during the three hour kickoff brew event of the season in Northern Colorado. First off, if you missed it last week here is the full list of brands you'll see at America on Tap Saturday afternoon:

Goldberg, TSM

Now that you have all of the brands that will be at America on Tap, how about the "special" taps that you'll be able to enjoy during the day? Again, these are beer taps that are special for America on Tap and you won't find them anywhere else!


Experience the Bourbon County Stout from Goose Island Brewery. The nose of the beer is a mix of charred oak, chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and smoke. It’s aged in Bourbon Barrels to give it that unique taste.


The second special tap of the day will be a Smoked Porter from Alaskan Brewing. The dark, robust body and pronounced smoky flavor of this limited edition beer make it an adventuresome taste experience. Alaskan Smoked Porter is produced in limited “vintages” each year on November 1 and unlike most beers, may be aged in the bottle much like fine wine.


Black Bottle Brewery will have a special tap available at 3:30pm and it is so special and secretive…that we can’t disclose it here. We’ll keep you posted on what they’ll be serving up to the masses!


The last special tap of the day comes to use from Epic Brewery as they have America on Tap patrons try out their “Smoked and Oaked” brew! Smoked cherry wood malt brings a smoky sweetness to the caramel malts and a bit of peat flavor with a Belgian-style yeast. The entire batch aging in the whiskey barrels nicely dries out the perceived sweetness of the caramel malt leaving an almost scotch like taste.


You can still buy your tickets online today for America on Tap before the price increases by five dollars at the gate tomorrow. Visit America on Tap to get those and for further information including parking details!

See you tomorrow!