I love to let you 'behind the curtain' from time to time, so that you can understand what goes into making radio for Northern Colorado. There are so many different things that we do that you hear, yet still, you may wonder why we do them the way we do, or when we do, or how we do them.

Radio is such a cool thing. Since way back when companies started to recognize that they could tell people about their products in between the creative content that was being broadcast, we have been doing stunts, events, tie-ins and campaigns that hopefully catch your ear.

The best ones are the ones that interest you, convey the message about the sponsor, and sound great on the air.

This month, we are doing a great one. We know it will interest you because if you take part, you have a chance to win $1,000 by the end of a couple of shows that we will do 'on the road.' Listen up to us because over the next few weeks, you will hear us out and about, challenging you to find us and register to win the money.

Why can we give away $1,000? Well, it's thanks to our partner Ehrlich Nissan, who would like us to show you the brand new, super cool Nissan Rogue. So, when we let you know on the air that we are 'Going Rogue,' and ask that you come and find us, you will have a chance to see it, and, by the end of each show that we do live on the road during this promotion, win that $1,000!

So, just be listening and come see us to enter to win!

Congratulations to our week 1 winner Tiffany Fairbanks of Berthoud!