Susan Moore, TSM

The St. Patrick's Day Parade starts at 10 this Saturday morning in Old Town Fort Collins. It's been years since Lil and I have been in a parade in March.  As you see in the photo above this time of the year Lily is a big shedding mess.

We are using vegetable coloring to make her green.

Susan Moore,TSM

This  next picture is after one application...I think t's going to take at least 3 applications of color...

Susan Moore, TSM


My biggest concern is that PETA will show up and accuse me of animal abuse.  I do believe if that were to happen, the local sheriff's department would have more important
things to do, like saving 20 horses they seized last week for lack of water and food.

Today we work on polishing the hooves, shampooing and braiding the mane and tail, and hoping that Lily will  quit rolling in the MUD.  I'll keep you posted right here on our progress.  Please click HERE to see adorable 'BREAK TIME' photos from the barn yesterday.

Brian Gary, TSM