Life is a move it or lose it proposition.

I wish I could bring it to you another way, but I can't. Whatever muscles you don't use, you could lose. At worst, it's called atrophy.

Put it this way. If you get up from bed, and go from the bed to a chair (breakfast table), and then go from that chair to another chair (car seat), and from that to another chair (office or work chair), and from that chair to another chair (car seat) and from the one to another (easy chair/dinner table/happy hour booth/insert chair here) and don't include vigorous expansive exercise, your body is going to be good at one thing--sitting in chairs.

Through time, anything physical is going to be a challenge. A life spent in chairs is going to lead to more chairs than we may like in our golden years. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with resting, but there are 202 bones and even more muscles in our body, and it we now know for a fact that moving them vigorously on a regular basis--30 minutes at a time 3-5 time per week at least--is one way to improve health.

I've increased my movement by taking part Dare to Lose with TRI 102.5 and Miramont Lifestyle Fitness. I was already in good shape. I found that increasing my movement has only made me stronger, more flexible, and more ready for life.

This May, the Town of Windsor, is participating the Colorado Get Movin’ Challenge from LiveWell Colorado. If you’re a resident, join the challenge and the Windsor team to help us claim the title of the most movin’ place in Colorado! This challenge is part of the Town’s Employee Wellness Program and we invite you to get movin’ with us!

LiveWell Colorado and sponsor Kaiser Permanente with help from Gov. John Hickenlooper, will kick off the second annual statewide Colorado Get Movin’ Challenge, which begins on May 1 and ends on May 30.

The Colorado Get Movin’ Challenge provides free online tools to encourage Coloradans to make a concerted and collective effort to be active during May.

Participants are encouraged to engage in physical activity for 30 minutes a day for 30 days. Colorado’s total amassed minutes will be displayed at and will demonstrate that Colorado is the most active state in the nation. Anyone can participate for as many days as they like – incentives are given at three different levels – and all the minutes tracked will contribute to the state’s accumulated total.

New this year is a competition between cities and towns in Colorado for the title of most active Colorado city.

The 2013 statewide Challenge attracted more than 8,000 participants.