The first ever Northern Colorado Auction is underway, and you could get some amazing stuff at up to 60% off.  Being the huge tech nerd that I am, I'm here to encourage you to bid on something that is sure to make your life easier: a new Gateway laptop!

Not only are new computers shiny and fun, but getting a new computer ensures you won't be left up the creek without a paddle when your old computer bites the dust!

And trust me, your old computer WILL bite the dust.

So why not bid on a shiny new Gateway laptop, and avoid the inevitable breakdown awaiting your old computer?  Otherwise, you could wake up one day to find a broken screen like THIS...

This is my broken laptop, any advice on how to fix it?

...or a completely overheated computer like THIS...

Computer Broken! Email!!

...or even the dreaded BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH...

Okay, I got a little silly with that last one. It would probably look more like this:

I've had WIndows 8 for 6 months now. I finally got the Blue Screen of Death. Can't even be mad.

Now, doesn't getting a new laptop at a HUGE discount sound so much better than all this horrific trouble from your old PC? Of course it does!