So many game shows have come and gone over the years. Growing up, I used to love to watch game shows, especially the ones on Nickelodeon that had contestants who were my age. There actually aren't many of those old-fashioned game shows left; they've all become elaborate reality show competitions. Sometimes I long for the traditional game shows of old, and wish I could have been on them before they met their end. A couple of my favorites are still around, though, and I'm glad for that. In any case, here's my list of top five game shows, both long gone and still on the air, that I always wanted to be on.

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    Wheel of Fortune

    I've always wanted to "'spin the wheel." First of all, I was always good at fill-in-the-blank puzzles as a kid. Secondly, I loved the sound of the wheel actually spinning. I just thought it would be fun to physically spin the wheel, even if I didn't win anything!

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    The Price is Right

    "The Price is Right" is another show with a big wheel that I've just always wanted to spin for the fun of it. But also, this is one of the few shows that's actually made me play along at home, yelling answers at the screen. So I think I could do well if I was ever on it!

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    What Would You Do?

    This was one of those game shows for kids on Nickelodeon that I absolutely loved. Kids would perform simple tasks and get REWARDED with things like sliding face first into a giant pie. It doesn't get much better than that for a kid version of me!

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    Legends of the Hidden Temple

    I loved this show because it had such a great fantasy element to it. It involved preliminary challenges, both physical and mental, all centered around a legend and an artifact. Teams were eliminated after each challenge, until only one remained for the final run through the Hidden Temple to retrieve the sacred artifact featured that week. My friends and I used to re-enact this show in my babysitter's backyard, we loved it so much!

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    Guts / Global Guts

    I LOVED this show. It felt a lot like "American Gladiators" for kids. Basically, three kids would compete in over-the-top athletic challenges to build up points. Then, at the end, they would race to the top of a huge mountain littered with obstacles. I was always glued to the TV when this show was on. It may have even been one of the reasons my parents canceled our cable... ;)