I don’t know if I could have laughed any harder at Drew’s post about the silly names that he calls his dog. It is almost like he and his fiancé are the same as my wife and I. There are times when we’ll be laying in bed with our dog Della, and the words that come out of our mouth could make an attention starved baby nauseous.

Drew mentioned nicknames. While they are certainly that, there is a bit more to it for us. It's more like a stream of consciousness that spews from our mouths as we express in words the warm, fuzzy feelings that our pets inspire in us. For us, it's pure baby talk. And I would be embarrassed to have people hear me talk that way.

The gist of Drew’s post is that something about the powerful love we have for our dogs causes us to take baby talk to a new, ridiculous level. I’ve been doing it since I was a child with my dog Peanuts. Della is the first dog that I have called my own since him, but I have lived with plenty. Something about dogs like Della that are so cute and respond so well to love being heaped all over them just brings it out of me.

Since Drew took the lead and broke the glass ceiling of admitting that he coos and goos at his dog, here is the full list of everything my wife or I have called our dog.

Boo Boo Face

Woody Doodys

Yub Yub Yub




Wubber dubbers

Wubby dubby doo doo doo



Honey Bear

Widdle Wion

Also, our L's become W's and and S's become 'Sh's. Look at that face! Can you blame us?