Washington D.C. to Denver was the route, but weather over Denver wouldn't clear so that the Frontier Airlines jet could land. So, running low on fuel, they were diverted to Cheyenne Regional Airport.  There, the plane full of hungry folks was forced to wait until they would eventually get to Denver for food. Then…

Jeff Swenson/Getty Images

The storm, full of rain and lightning (perhaps in anticipation of President Obama's visit), pounded down on Denver on Monday night (7/7/14). One of the flights that was scheduled to land at DIA was a Denver based Frontier Airlines flight that had left from Ronald Reagan International in Washington, D.C. earlier that night.  Air traffic controllers had the plane circle over Nebraska for a while waiting to see what the storm was going to do.

Meanwhile, folks on the plane were beginning to get little hungry.  Finally, since the plane was running low on fuel, it was decided they would land at Jerry Olson Field for a while. But, while the plane got fueled up, the passengers were out of luck.

Then, a call comes in to a Cheyenne Domino’s Pizza joint. On the line, is the pilot of the flight. He needs enough pies to feed 160 people. He’s paying. How fast can the pizzas get there?

From The Associated Press:

[Domino’s manager Andrew Ritchie said] "Actually, [the staff] they were super excited. They had a blast. It was a challenge," he said. "It was definitely one of those `challenge accepted' moments in time."

The pizzas got there just in time to feed the passengers before taking off from Cheyenne to get them to their scheduled destination, five hours later than planned.

Very cool.  We wonder how many other pilots would have done the same?