In just four short months, the way people think about Colorado has changed quite a bit. You can't leave the state and tell someone you're from here without being asked "the question" about what it's like with legal marijuana here. But, still most Coloradoans support the decision they made last November. 

According to the Quinnipiac University poll if we were to vote on whether to keep pot legal in Colorado today, we would be smoking it up tomorrow. Fifty-two percent said marijuana legalization has been beneficial, 38 percent said it has been bad for the state, and 10 percent were unsure.

The poll also asked the question that would confuse a guy who wasn't stoned, "Has legalizations eroded the moral fiber of people in Colorado?" 30 percent agreed, and 67 percent disagreed, and 100 percent of stoners just smiled and shook their heads (Ok, I made that up).

We also learned that only 15 percent of residents have bought pot since it was legalized in January. That most likely due to the long lines at the pot shops!