Remember a couple months ago, when I was talking about how, as a CSU student, I got pulled over for running a stop sign on my bike?  At the time, I was completely behind the city of Fort Collins adopting a "stop-as-yield" law for bicyclists.  However, now that the city has decided not to pursue the new ordinance, I find myself kind of glad.  Read on to see what caused my change of heart...

First, the news.

The Fort Collins Bicycle Advisory Committee was considering passing an ordinance that would allow cyclists to simply yield at stop signs, rather than come to a complete stop.  But in the end, the committee decided against it.

“We’re not for spending the time and energy toward this particular item we’re seeing as a convenience issue for cycling, rather than a safety issue,” said BAC board member Todd Dangerfield, representing the Downtown Development Authority. “This could potentially create ill-will (in the community) and we’re already seeing backlash in the public right now against it.”

So here's why I changed my mind on this issue.

Yes, I've been pulled over and cited for running a stop sign on my bike; and yes, I felt like the law didn't make sense in the particular traffic situation I was in at the time.

But, in the years since then, I've seen cyclists disregard traffic laws in much more risky, dangerous situations, and I don't feel like allowing "rolling stops" at stop signs is going to make things better in those instances.  On the contrary, I feel like things will get worse.

I also feel like a "stop-as-yield" law could be a slippery slope.  If cyclists don't have to obey stop signs, how long before traffic lights start getting ignored?  I know I'm taking an extreme stance; but it's something to think about, don't you agree?

Do you think the Bicycle Advisory Committee made the right call?  Leave a comment and tell us!